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Dementia Patients Care

Dementia Partners provides unique, highly specialised and skilled support services to a growing elderly population.

For over a year, we have been working in partnership with Remploy to provide support services to CQC’s Experts by Experience (EXEs).  An EXE is someone who takes part in Care Quality Commission inspections to help the inspector find out about the quality of an adult social care or health service in England.   We support EXEs from training on CQC’s policies and procedures, reliable report writing through to payroll. EXEs have first hand experience of services, they often have great insight and know what questions to ask people to find out what a service is like.

We are delighted to be embarking on launching our first enhanced care housing (also known as sheltered housing) to people with complex communication needs including dementia. House sharing in residential areas provides residents with a sense or familiarity of environment by living in a house on a street, with community amenities including nearby parks, shops, neighbours etc. We support use of CQC’s guidelines on making CCTV cameras accessible to family carers in common areas.

We have over 100 employees.  Our skilled floating wardens provide support to promote residents receiving a safe care package from domiciliary care providers of home care packages. .

We have 6 years, skilled experience in providing a comprehensive, hands-on care advisory and implementation service to people with all forms of dementia and their families.

We are support services to people receiving care packages and their family carers, that, because of the way in which support is delivered, is unique in the UK.

People with dementia often require round the clock care planning and support, putting immense strain on families and the person with dementia both emotionally and financially.

Reeta also supports charity by providing free Lasting Power of Attorney clinics to hundreds of people.

Reeta assists people with Deputyship services, where a person is unable to sign a Lasting Power of Attorney and instead an application to the Court of Protection for a Deputyship Court Order is required for a family carer to manage the person’s financial and property affairs.

Services are delivered as a “one stop shop” by professional specialists who have many years of experience in the care sector.

We provide high quality, skilled employees to support service users of care home, domiciliary care services, hospital and GP services in the following projects.

A skilled “Warden” for housing support (extra care housing/sheltered housing for people with dementia)

A skilled “Expert by Experience” to join Care Quality Commission inspections to independently promote service user involvement in regulated provider services inspected ie, care homes, domiciliary care providers in the family home, mental health and acute NHS hospitals and GPs.

A “Generic Advocate” who handles all aspects of care related matters, on behalf of the family. The service can be delivered at every stage of the care process from beginning to end and does prove particularly important when the person is not receiving a best interest standard of care, treatment, or the correct funding for the care they are receiving.

Dementia Patients Care
Dementia Patients Care

The CQC found in their Cracks in the Pathway report 2015, after two years of investigation that “the variation in how care is assessed, planned, delivered and monitored by hospitals and care homes puts people living with dementia at risk of experiencing poor care”.  The family have always had a legal right to be fully involved in all best interest decisions being made.

In our experience, our Dementia Assist Services enables the family or Attorney (or equivalent) to be more involved  and lead to improvement in care and wellbeing of the person with dementia.  We show families ‘how to be closely involved’ until they become experts by experience themselves and no longer need our ‘Assist Services’. Dementia Partners has a successful track record enabling you to be prepared, informed and move forward to the next stage with minimum fuss and delays whilst having the comfort that you are making the correct decisions along the way.

At all times the services are delivered in an ethical and compliant manner, ensuring that clients’ needs and objectives remain paramount and met throughout the process.  The aim is to grow the operation employing staff to carry out the processes with Reeta Ram, the founder in charge of all operational matters. Reeta remains “hands-on” to ensure that Dementia Partners continues to provide consistent, high service levels.


Home Care Plans

There is no one-size-fits all formula when it comes to Dementia care. Needs change at different stages of the disease and each person’s circumstances are unique. Deciding on what care is needed can be a tough decision. Guidance tells care homes that well managed needs with clinical risks are still health needs of the Person and must not be marginalised.