Dementia Assist Platiunum Package

Our Dementia Assist Platinum Package is our most comprehensive yet where we combine management of accounts, prepare annual returns, provide care home records assist services. This is the ideal package for anyone who is busy visiting the person with severe dementia and finds the other processes too complex and time consuming. This package allows us to spend more time on care and health needs of the person and we are able to spend a little more time considering the overall goals of the deputy and work towards achieving them. Involvement in care home plans becomes more complex as the person with dementia is unable to reliably communicate or has behavioural problems for example and at this time as much help as possible may be wanted by the Deputy.

From £345 per month.

Annual financial management fee £120 per month
Where the net assets of the person are below £17000,  we charge a reduced annual financial management fee of £60 per month

Monthly review of care home plans and reporting to the Deputy £175 per month
(two hour visits and meeting/discussion with updates)

Up to 12 meetings lasting 1 hour are provided to the Deputy through the year. £50 per month

Exclusive features

  • Dedicated case manager
  • Administering the day to day finances of their client eg. Managing accounts and paying for car.
  • Monthly reviews of care home plans for the person or earlier reviews by the care home, where there is deterioration. For a person with dementia, health needs often include consideration of needs in domains of cognition, emotional and psychological needs, behaviour, mobility, skin, nutrition, continence, risks and fluctuations in needs.
  • Assistance with health and social care funding law and DWP benefits – if you did not, there is a risk that you could dispose of an asset that you did not need to, fund care that you did not need to fund.
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