We are looking for enthusiastic and thoughtful volunteers to join us to provide outreach support services in Watford, for our residents in supported living.

“Helping people living with dementia get outdoors, connect with nature, themselves and their community, and retain a sense of adventure in their lives.”

We offer a unique supported living environment to six people in a shared home.  This reduces social isolation and enables people to feel part of a household, in a community street. Being independent and retaining a sense of adventure in our lives is crucial to all of us, and for people who can often find themselves spending too much of their time indoors it can be doubly beneficial to be offered the chance to go for a coffee or short trip with our volunteers or simply play a memory game or cards.

Friendly and enthusiastic volunteers play a vital role in supporting residents to promote wellbeing of valued and vulnerable members of our community.  We are currently on the hunt for new individuals to join the volunteering team.

How does it work?

You’ll provide an extra pair of hands for tasks such as befriending, assistance with paperwork, short walks, shopping trips and making a household meal as a group.

What are they looking for?

  • Enthusiastic about indoor and outdoor activities?
  • Friendly and thoughtful?
  • Sensitive to the needs of others?
  • Confident and well-organised?
  • Good listener?

…then a role as a Volunteer Support worker could be perfect for you!

Please email: reeta@dementiapartners.com for an application form.