Dementia Assist Packages & Fees

Dementia Patients Care

Dementia Assist Bronze Package

This is an excellent value starter package suitable for a Deputy, who wants to become more familiar with their responsibilities.

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Dementia Assist Silver Package

The Dementia Assist 2 package is the first of our packages which offers continuous assistance. This deputy assist and care management package is suitable for deputies who need assistance with day to day responsibilities as deputy, for example, reviewing care home records monthly or whenever there is earlier changes needed such as medication adjustment or deterioration.

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Dementia Assist Gold Package

Our most popular package, Dementia Assist 3 is great for people with moderately severe to advanced dementia and for their Deputies looking for overall assistance with rapidly challenging health needs of the person.

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Dementia Patients Care

Dementia Assist Platinum Package – Our Premium package

This is our most comprehensive yet where we combine assistance with management of accounts, prepare annual returns, provide care home records assist services. This is the ideal package for anyone who is busy visiting the person with severe dementia and finds the other processes too complex and time consuming.

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Our menu selection of Dementia Assist packages cover the following areas:

Deputy Responsibilities
-Work up to and including the date upon which the court makes an order appointing a deputy for property and affairs
-Annual management fee where the court appoints you as professional deputy for property and affairs, payable on the anniversary of the court order
-Preparation and lodgment of the annual report or annual account to the Public Guardian
– Preparation of an HMRC income tax return on behalf of the client
– Care home management fee including review of care home plans, attending drs appointments etc.

Lasting Powers of Attorney and Their Responsibilities

This is the same as the Deputyship, however there is not a requirement to submit an annual account to the Public Guardian.