Expertise is only the first step to the solution

In almost any scenario, be it business, personal circumstances, sport or fighting for a good cause, simply having the right level of ability is not always enough to ensure a great result. It is usually the passion, belief and determination of the people involved which makes the biggest difference of all.

We are independent, generic advocates with a role identified in the Care Act 2014.  The Care Act regulations for independent advocacy are clear: providers of advocacy must be independent of the local authority, with their own constitution, code of practice and complaints procedure. Our advocates under the Care Act will at all times be managed by, and primarily accountable to our advocacy organisation that recruits them, thereby maintaining their independence from the local authority.

Reeta Ram LLB, Diploma in Law
Reeta Ram LLB, Diploma in LawManaging Director
The path that led Reeta to specialise in supporting people with dementia and their families was a deeply personal one. After spending 8 years working for top-tier Legal 500 law firms as a personal injury solicitor and a few years as a corporate lawyer, she already had far more knowledge than most people about dealing with legal and medical issues.

But when her family member started to experience various problems with dementia, she was unable to find a single-source solution that could provide all of the information and advice that she needed.

Even with all of her past legal experience the road ahead, for Reeta and her family, was a tough one to walk. 24 hour care was needed and healthcare needs fluctuated. Since that time, Reeta has put all of her efforts into Dementia Assist services. The result is Dementia Partners; her company specialising in finding the happiest endings possible for people suffering with dementia and the families that want to be able to continue to love and support them.

Reeta is now looking forward to launching a bespoke form of extra care and sheltered housing, available to people with dementia. House sharing in residential areas provides residents with a sense or familiarity of environment by living in a house on a street, with community amenities including nearby parks, shops, neighbours etc.

Reeta’s latest contributions includes working in partnership with Remploy, for over a year, to provide support services to CQC’s Experts by Experience in London and South. CQC are independent regulators of adult social care and health services in England.

Reeta continues to be a non practising solicitor. Reeta is one of Age UK’s trusted service providers.

Kantilal Ram
Kantilal RamIT Manager
Kantilal spent his professional life in the IT industry in the corporate world. He has been instrumental in the development of operations.
Yasmin Arman
Yasmin ArmanOperations Manager
Yasmin works as a manager. She is also an experienced CQC Expert by Experience. Having trained at Cass Business School, Yasmin has worked in the last three years with children and on behalf of vulnerable older people, carers of older people with dementia, people who use residential and acute mental health hospital services and NHS Acute Hospital services.