Referrals Process

carers support plan

Signposting referrals generally are received from one of the following groups:

  • Charities, Not for Profit Organisations, Social Enterprises
  • IMCA, IMHA and DoLs Advocates
  • Local Authorities/NHS
  • Care Providers (both care homes & domiciliary carers in the family home)
  • Solicitors and Financial Advisers
  • Providers of Aids such as GPS Tracker products

The referral process involves three basic steps:


The referring organisation contacts Dementia Partners with a request to contact you to provide support services. We also accept enquiries directly.


Once the Referral Form is completed and returned to Dementia Partners, we will then make contact with you by telephone.


Once we are satisfied the service is suitable for yourself, we will then start the process of providing the relevant service including next steps and support to complete any of those steps.