Short term recovery from illness

The following supported options are available, depending on your individual circumstances and preferences:

  • Community Rehabilitation: these services are designed to help you be more independent and remain in your family home or other location home as long as possible.
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation: these are units that provide treatment and support for patients whose physical abilities have decreased through their period of illness.
  • Reablement this is a planned, short term, intensive service that supports people to regain their independence after a short stay in hospital or an illness that has resulted in them being unable to cope. The aim is to help the individual to regain independence and be able to function safely at home. Reablement can take place in a person’s own home, or in a residential care home setting. For these services to be accessed, the ward staff (in the Hospital) will need to complete a referral to the adult social care services to request a social care assessment. A social worker will then visit, on the ward, and complete a detailed assessment of the patient’s needs to see if reablement will be suitable. The social worker (or an occupational therapist) will then prepare a care and support plan, based on the assessment, to start after the discharge date. The support that reablement provides includes: – Support with your personal care – Assistance with preparing and cooking meals – Enabling a person to manage household chores – Support for family members who provide additional care Reablement lasts for a maximum of six weeks usually and is regularly reviewed as the patient becomes more independent. If ongoing support is required, beyond the six week period, it is planned with the family or carer.
  • Residential placements: if someone is ready to leave hospital, but are not able to return home safely, they may be able to go into a residential or nursing home for a short time. This gives makes more recover time available.