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“I find working as an ExE very rewarding. I’ve always wanted to give back to the community and this line of work gives me the opportunity to speak to people, to give them a voice and be an extra pair of eyes & ears to the inspection team. Dementia Partners are helpful, approachable and friendly. The environment is professional and has a family feel to it, they take the time to get to know you and build a rapport. They are well organised and meticulous in their planning. Dementia Partners are my absolute favourite support organisation. Thank you Reeta Ram & your colleagues.”
Dipti Pattani, CQC's Expert by Experience, May 2017
“I feel that it’s a very professional service. There is lots of guidance from Reeta and her team. It is an informative service to work with. The training and support is really good. The observations and reports are easy due to training and feedback given by Reeta. Feedback from inspectors is always very good about Dementia Partners. I’ve heard from inspectors that Dementia Partners are really reliable and their EXEs are really good.”
Emma Fenwick, CQC's Expert by Experience, May 2017
“I was very impressed with the training given. Reeta was great and very helpful. All understanding via the telephone was comprehensive. Everything has been clarified very quickly and I’ve been very well supported. Info that has come through has been fully supported with plenty of time, lots of notice and fits in with my freelance work and personal commitments. Reeta has asked if I want additional calls and to send draft reports, that’s been helpful. Admin side is very impressive and they come back immediately. Can’t fault it really. Very supportive. ”
Patricia Prett, CQC's Expert by Experience, June 2017
“My experience is that over the year, being connected with Dementia Partners, everything runs extremely smoothly. The process works well. I really have no issues with anyone. I am really quite pleased and satisfied with services provided to Experts. Reeta always answers questions sent. Personal contact with everyone is thoroughly relaxed and I feel at ease with the team.” .”
Richard Hartle, CQC's Expert by Experience for over 4 years, May 2017
“I am very happy to work for Dementia Partners. It has helped me to improve my professional skills and writing reports. Help from Reeta and Yasmin at Dementia Partners has been very valuable and helped me grow professionally and personally through training received, which has been very good. I’ve had good chats over the phone. All support received has been unbelievable and very nice. Flexibility with work and support received with feedback is very valued.”
Alvaro Fernandes, CQC's Expert by Experience, June 2017
‘……..Also, high praise for Dementia Partners Exe’s regarding our knowledge, methods, training and professionalism. It is so nice to hear this on an inspection so I thought you would like to hear it too.’
Emma Fenwick, CQC's Expert by Experience, May 2017
“Dear Reeta,

I too was very pleased at the successful outcome, with your steering the proceedings so effectively”
Professor Malcolm Weller MA (Cantab) MB BS FRCPsych FAPA FBPsS CPsychol Hon. FCINP 22.2.13″

Professor Malcolm Weller MA (Cantab) MB BS FRCPsych FAPA FBPsS CPsychol Hon. FCINP, February 2013
“I would recommend Dementia Partners to anyone trying to navigate the minefield of social care. Without your work I would have never got the support I’d been unsuccessfully trying to access for over 7 years.”
Teddie, Cambs, 2 October 2014
“I was approached by Ms Z, the daughter of a potential client, who was having Care provided by an Agency at Home. Ms Z thought that the carers for her father had failed to continually assess and change the care plan to take into account her father’s increasing needs due to his worsening health. The care plans had not been updated and the client was expected to undertake personal care that she could not physically do leading to health care issues.”
A complaint had been raised by the daughter with the Care Company who then indicated that they would not accompany him to medical appointments. The daughter was extremely distressed and I advised her to involve the Adult Safeguarding Team. initially when she approached them they seemed supportive but after that initial discussion she was then transferred to another member of the Team.
We agreed that we would not look at pursuing the personal injury claim until she had ensured her father was in a safe environment.
Ms Z was understandably distressed and not sure how to move things forward. Having built a relationship with Reeta, I felt sure that Reeta could support Ms Z and give her the advice to deal with the immediate care crisis. Reeta spent over an hour giving her advice and support to enable Ms Z to take control and ensure that her father’s care needs were prioritised.
” I just want to say a huge thank you for giving me Reeta’s details. She kindly spoke with me for well over an hour giving me absolutely priceless help and advice. Her knowledge is encyclopaedic!
I was feeling so overwhelmed with how to go about so many things and now I feel confident of the steps I need to take.
I am extremely grateful to have been in contact with both of you and I will let you know how things progress with my father.
Veronica Male, Legal Adviser, Shoosmiths LLP, November 2013
If they truly believe families can navigate what feels like a conspiracy at times they are insane. I am a medical professional with 30 years of experience behind me. Where my knowledge has been useful your legal background and the ability to challenge all the decisions has been imperative. Without you we would still be back at the beginning being fobbed off by the commissioners. This whole process is truly exhausting. No wonder people give up. Thank you once again.
Particia & Martin, 15 September 2014
“As a family we have been caring for our relative with dementia for the past 7 years. We had been navigating the minefield of NHS funding issues for over 8 months before engaging Reeta. The family felt that we had hit a brick wall with the agencies involved. Our family live in a variety of areas of the country so communication was often fragmented, this in turn impacted on the whole process, causing delays.”
Once Reeta became involved the process became clear and transparent. She is a thorough professional who advocates for the most vulnerable people in society and gives the families caring for them a voice that will be heard. I highly recommend this service to anyone in the same situation as us.
Patricia, 24 Feb 2014
“The long term care for a relative with Dementia/Alzheimers is a baffling and lonely road to navigate. The emotional turmoil cannot be anticipated, nor can the baffling barriers to accessing that care and often, the funding of it.
Reeta provides a unique service, a life line to those in this position, which focuses the families on how to negotiate their way through this maze, dealing with professionals and specialists and care homes to secure the best possible outcome and quality of life. In Reeta’s view, no one will know the person suffering from Dementia/Alzheimers like their families and loved ones and this knowledge and love is the best possible way to voice the needs and wishes of the person and their rights to a good quality of life, to dignity and to enjoyment of their end years and to contentment of a life well lived.
Reeta Ram has taught me that this is a basic human right, it is non negotiable and it is possible for every individual and that resolution for their families. She also acknowledges how hard it is for families to know what to ask for and how to speak up for their loved ones, to help find their voice again. For this I will be forever grateful and hope that others may find strength and support from Reeta Ram and her determination to speak up for the vulnerable.”
Cate, 13 February 2014
“When my father was in very poor health, suffering from dementia, the PCT inexplicably decided he was not eligible for Continuing Health Care. Our family spent over £100,000 providing 24/7 carers for a year as his behaviour and medical conditions became ever more challenging. It was only after he passed away that we met Reeta, who compassionately and competently explained the many mistakes that the PCT had made. Reeta helped us lodge an appeal, and supported us for nearly two years as it went through the process. In the end the PCT admitted its mistakes and paid us a refund with interest. We couldn’t have stayed the course without Reeta’s help.”

ML, Relative of an individual with dementia, 2014
I would like to give you an insight to my situation which occurred March 2009. This was the month and year that my mother and I went to Jamaica in order to return my grandmother to England, after my gran had had a stroke the previous year April. This stroke left my gran with total right side paralysis. I was also requested, by my mother, to care for my gran as my children had already left home. I must also stress that my grandmother was my guardian and NOT my mother. August 2009 Social Services sent a social worker to assess and notes stated that my grandmother was confused but dementia not diagnosed as yet. February 2011 a psychiatrist assessed my grandmother and stated that she was confused and did not understand the purpose of his visit. May 2011 second visit: not any better. 12 April 2012 my mother and daughter of my grandmother, produced LPOA to DWP who in turn transferred all my grandmother’s pension into an account of my mothers choice. Try as I may social services did not do an investigation nor raise safeguarding. Social services actually told me that I should contact DWP and ask them to assess the situation. I attempted to do this by phone and mail. I was totally ignored – as I was not the one with LPOA, regardless of the fact that I had sent them copies of the psychiatric report along with additional evidence. When I tried contacting the OPG also sending them the same evidence, their response was ” only the donor can object”. How is that possible when the donor has Alzheimer’s in Dementia and deemed incapable of understanding? I wrote to Mr prime minister David Cameron, he said ” contact your local health department”. I felt invisible but knew I could not give up. A year and a half later I contacted the Alzheimer’s Society who were unable to help me but gave me a contact number. That was the time that my prayers had finally been answered, because, at the other end of the line was a woman who listened and said ” I am only meant to be here for advice but I have listened to you and you need my help and I am going to help you”. That person was Mrs Reeta Ram – my saviour and she can be yours too. In the five and a half years that I have been caring for my grandmother, I have had to encounter liaisons with many a people and I could count on one hand the people whom were actually dedicated to their job and the people they deal with – be it patient or carer. I have to express my heartfelt gratitude to Reeta because without her I may still have been struggling ON MY OWN. Even when Reeta had a bereavement in her family, she dealt with my affairs, when I actually thought she would have postponed. If that don’t deserve praise and a medal, what does? I have to date been triumphant in the Courts revoking the LPOA and awarding me Deputyship. When the solicitor suggested to me by Dementia Concern failed me by not putting my application through for COP, I had to do the paper work myself, when social services failed me and all other governmental bodies failed me, even the MP’s that attended a carers conference and said that we could have one to one conversation with them after the meeting, yet left earlier than they stated, so we were unable to talk to them, failed me, Reeta Ram did not. Continuous good health and blessings to you Reeta, you are what we call GOD SENT x
JL, Relative of a dementia sufferer and Client of DNA, 2014
“I was extremely fortunate to be introduced to Reeta Ram who is a care liaison contractor. Reeta agreed that the assessment procedures and guidelines were not followed and my wife’s level of needs in many of the domains were incorrectly assessed. She agreed to take the case up and liaise on my behalf with the NHS Continuing Care team (“CC team”). Reeta asked me to contact the nursing home and instruct them to liaise with Reeta fully including making medical records available. After Reeta looked at the assessment paperwork, Reeta visited my wife in order to do an appraisal on her general health and physical and mental abilities. Reeta notified the CC team and their Chief Commissioner that she would be representing me as liaison contractor as she felt that in some areas of the assessment there were inaccuracies.
Reeta has communicated with the CC team over several months and succeeded in getting agreement from the CC team to carry out a fresh assessment. We have recently had a meeting to discuss the points in dispute. At the meeting, it was agreed that the healthcare assessor visit my wife and her medical team, discuss Tina’s health needs with myself and then meet again for a fresh assessment. The assessor agreed that my diary of my wife’s daily problems were helpful in the assessment. Reeta stated that she would be representing me to the end with a view to achieving an amicable conclusion for all.
Anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation as myself and feels that the assessment they are being asked to sign is not factually correct, would be well advised to refuse to sign and ask for a copy of the document so that you may seek professional advice from Reeta.”
Michael Edwards, 2012
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