We provide ‘Dementia Assist’ Services

Dealing with dementia is often one of life’s toughest challenges; especially for those trying to find the best local services and solutions for the ones they love.

Sorting through the legal, financial, NHS and local authority rules and documentation just adds extra pain to what can already be a highly emotional time for your family.

We Provide Support Service to Care Quality Commission Experts by Experience

In partnership with Remploy, we provide CQC’s Experts by Experience with a full package of support to enable them to participate as a valued member of CQC’s inspection teams, across London and South England.

What sort of Deputy Assist help are you looking for?

Deputies manage the property and financial affairs of adults who are diagnosed by clinicians as lacking mental capacity to do this themselves. We provide Deputyship Assist Service. We assist Deputies who are appointed by the Court of Protection. The Office of the Public Guardian is responsible for supervising the work of deputies appointed by the Court.  Deputies undertake and promise the Court of Protection to ‘act in the person’s best interests’, one of the five main principles of the Mental Capacity Act 2005. We also provide free power of attorney clinics to charities.

Care Home Plans Assist can help you to be more involved in daily care

We provide a unique Care Home Plan Assist Service, where we show the Deputy how to be more involved with the care home reviewing their care plans, monthly.

We support Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) Experts by Experience (EXE)

What is an Expert by Experience? An EXE is someone who takes part in CQC inspections to help the inspector find out about the quality of a service. Because EXEs have first hand experience of health or care home services, they often have great insight and know what questions to ask people to find out what a service is like. Treat me as a person is a key focus for our team of EXEs when they attend inspections in Acute Mental Health Hospitals, Dementia Care Homes, GPs and other settings rated by the CQC. EXEs are valued members of the CQC’s inspection teams. See link EXEs are Awesome https://youtu.be/7fMkMSzuSI0

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I would recommend Dementia Partners to anyone trying to navigate the minefield of social care. Without your work I would have never got the support I’d been unsuccessfully trying to access for over 7 years Teddie
Dear Reeta, I too was very pleased at the successful outcome, with your steering the proceedings so effectively
Professor Weller, Psychiatrist 22.2.13

  • We have skilled experience in NHS and Local Authority processes, from care package funding, safeguarding (DoLs), referrals to clinicians with progressive deterioration in the person’s health needs and end of life planning.Straight-talking help is available.  The good news is that the right solution can usually be found, if you know how to navigate all the red tape and tackle the many ‘forms to complete’.  A thorough understanding of each individual set of circumstances,  knowledge of exactly what support and financial help for dementia care is available. Many years of experience can open the door to the best options for you and your family.
  •  Our skilled and efficient approach is at the forefront of our success.  This is achieved by the high standard of practical, client care we provide, our skills, know-how of different processes nationwide, being mindful of the duty of the deputy to be proportionate on incurring costs with best interests at the core of our ideals. We assist the Deputy to work with the wider care team that supports the person, enabling the Deputy to concentrate fully on their other key responsibility of managing the person’s finances and property.